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We are a group of people dedicating ourselves to science and technology journalism. We are posting regularly on science and technology updates. 

We are trying to bring up the theories and research work from the people all around and their idea with science. Explanations and observations of different phenomenon taking place all over the nature and the one which are hidden in the Darks but yet influencing the world we are living. 

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Are Bats and Pangolins the original source of novel corona virus 2019?

The most trending topic of discussion in the year 2020 has been none other than the deadly pandemic, Covid‑19. It has already spread across more than 215 countries, and as on 9th July 2020, 12,198,686 cases of infection and 552,791 deaths due to Corona virus have been recorded all over the world.

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We are posting regularly about science and technology. The explanation to many physical phenomenon taking place within earth or the space. We are trying to put the explanation forward

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