5 amazing inventions and discoveries that will change the way of living.

The device where you are reading the article is and revolutionary inventions of science, Many diodes, circuits, resistor and many more works compatibly and efficiently to make a mobile or laptop useful for human generation.

Isn’t it amazingly interesting? How the small elements can be summed up to make a revolutionary invention?

But, the inventions and gifts of science are not only limited too few products but it is growing daily and every day is a new day where lots of extraordinary inventions and discoveries are happening.

From the star science has evolved us and our technology to a great extent. In this article I m going to tell you about 5 such invention which will or may be had helped the people a lot.

5 inventions and discoveries that can change the way of living

Piezoelectric Energy harvesting technique

Pavement piezoelectric energy harvesting technique is to use a piezoelectric harvester to covert the mechanical energy into electrical energy.

Transportation requires much amount of energy and on gradual increase of the fuel demands we are in a state when we would lacking petroleum based fuel.

There is urgent need to compensate the energy loss or wastage during transportation by the vehicles or energy loss even by walking.

The new PEH method is still under trial and a lot of research have been done on the technology but still focused on theoretical model and lab test, it still lacks on-site evaluation.

So, on the conclusion, In the upcoming days or may be in upcoming years while walking through the footpath to your friend’s house you may unintentionally help the society by the conversion of your mechanical energy to electrical energy. The Piezoelectric harvester will do it for you.

Lithium Ion Batteries

The already invented fast growing and the most promising battery chemistry is the Li-ion Battery. After Nickel-Cadmium, Nickel-metal-hydride and lithium ion emerged in early 1990s.

Li-ion is a low maintenance battery. It has advantage that no other battery chemistry can claim. No scheduled cycling is required to ensure prolonged battery life. The self-discharge is almost half compared to the nickel-cadmium battery. Li-ion Battery has a very less harming effect on disposal.

So, on the conclusion, Li-ion batteries are of high energy density, low maintenance and can provide a very high energy to power consuming tools

Hyper loop technology

Hyperloop is a complete new form of ground transport. It is a still a in development project, many a companies are working on the technology.

The technology claims, it could be seen that the passengers travelling over 700 miles per hour in a floating pod which races along inside a giant low pressure tubes, either above or below the ground.

The hyperloop will be different from the traditional rails since from the pods almost of the will be taken out to reduce air friction and this will help to travel at 750 miles power.

So, again on conclusion hyperloop could be cheaper, faster than train or a car, and even promisingly less polluting.

Advanced security ink

The latest research by the scientist of CSIR-NPL in New Delhi had came up with a new special security ink which can prevent duplication of printable documents and counterfeiting of currency notes.

The ink is based on the fluorescence-phosphorescence technique which emits two colors on excitation of single wavelength.

Red and green- Red at 611 nm due to fluorescence and green at 532 nm due to phosphorescence.

The advanced security feature of the ink comes from its change of pigment color.

Ideonella Sakaiensis

Ideonella sakaiensis is a bacterium of the genus, Ideonella and family Comamonadaceae, it’s is capable of breaking down PET (plastic poly ethylene terephthalate.

The bacterium is isolated from a bottle recycling factory can breakdown plastic. The strain produces two enzymes for hydrolyzing PET. Both of the enzymes are required to convert PET into monomers, Terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol.

So, on conclusion, we may be able to feel comfortable if the plastic waste which is still unable to dispose can be decomposed using the Bacterium.

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