7 Possible Scientific reasons of paranormal activity: Ghost

Most of us have experienced the fear of ghost.

May be we didn’t have any experience but a persistent fear is always.

But, are there any scientific reasons available for their presence?

The topics is completely based on one’s believe, If you believe in ghost then you are not alone.

Most of the people among us believe in ghost.

Apart from mythological facts and stories over their evidence, lets us take a deeper look in the reasoning of the presence of paranormal activities.

7 possible reasons that could explain the paranormal things scientifically:

  1. We enjoyed being afraid

  2. Infrasound

  3. Mold

  4. Carbon Monoxide

  5. Electromagnetism

  6. The power of suggestion

  7. Pareidolia.

We enjoy being afraid:

Our brain has the tendency of releasing dopamine (a hormone associated with pleasure) when we are afraid. The concept of believing in ghost bounds us to believe in after life and ultimately it can be comforting.

The secretion of dopamine in our body and amount of receptor each individual have decides whether a person enjoys being frightened or it’s scary for them.


In a study at 2003, it has been observed 22% of concert goers who were exposed to sound at 17 hertz experienced feeling of uneasy or sorrowful, nervous feeling and irrational fear.

Many atmospheric events like earthquake, volcanic eruptions produce infrasonic sound. Few animals also like elephants, Whales and machinery like wind turbines, diesel engines produces infrasonic sound and may result in making us feel uneasy.


Obviously toxic air causes health problems but as well as it also has impacts in our brain. Few neurological symptoms like dementia and delirium are seen. The haunted place has at least a source of mold nearby.

Delirium can causes mental instability, the person sees or hear things that other people don’t.

Carbon Monoxide:

Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas; it leads to various health diseases and even death. The gas is colorless and odorless but before carbon monoxide poisons us it creates a auditory hallucinations, a feeling of pressure in our chest. It causes a dreaded feeling and irrational fear.


A neuroscientist Michael Persinger studied the effects of electromagnetism on a factor of perception of ghost. He studied that there is been some unusual sense in the temporal lobes indicating the presence of someone invisible around them.

Persinger developed a device called “God Helmet” and based on the research he found that certain patterns of weak magnetic field over someone’s head can create the sense of invisible presence of someone in the room.

Many scientists have also found environments that are reported to be haunted often have a

presence of magnetic field somewhere nearby.

Someone else said:

Persons are more likely to believe the paranormal things if someone can backup about what they saw. It is more convincing for own as well as for others if we can put more stock into someone else’s eye witness, if it also backs our suspicions.

Playing Ouija board as a kid is a very common example of these. The concept of contacting spirit is too tempting.


Pareidolia is the tendency of perception of seeing faces, shapes or patterns in something which actually doesn’t mean that. Seeing faces in cloud is one example.

Most people having experience of haunting by ghost reported to have seen faces of figures in dark shadow. But rather than any supernatural things from the outer world these may be a mere case of pareidolia.

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