Anxiety in Teenagers is a consequences of worried childhood.

There is a fact that teenagers worry isn't a really a concern. These becomes a major problem when the worry amplifies in the brain and result in serious mental issue.

The anxiety in teenagers may have their root cause in how they are being treated in their childhood.

A study in Washington University school of medicine in St Louis suggest early predictors on anxiety and depression may be evident in brain even at birth. Analysing brain scans of a new born baby shows some of them having strong connection of excessive sadness, shyness, nervousness or separation anxiety.

The reason of many mental worrying lies in the fact of being active in social media stuff. These create a condition of cyber-bullying. The lifestyle of others uploaded, cause a mentality of comparison. The comparison so done plays a significant role of depression in someone's life whose lifestyle may be not so much easy as the others.

There are other known reasons like the childhood poverty, a family or personal mental health problems and challenging or dangerous life event originating from early childhood.

The another more important factor is being socially deprived.

For humans there are two sensitive time of brain development - early childhood and adolescence. The brain is then highly active than it ever could be. It is highly capable of learning and changing. At this time the brain more prone to neuro-hormonal alteration in pathways when children are exposed to threat or deprivation.

The seperation anxiety in childhood may chain itself to adolescence creating serious psychological problems.

A project named ECoWeB is coordinated by a prof. Edward Watkins, a professor of experimental and applied psychology at UK university of Exeter and qualified congitive behavioural therapist. The ECoWeB project aims to develop and disseminate a mobile application to provide psychological skills to promote emotional wellbeing and prevent mental health problems in adolescents and young adults.

It also aims to

● Better understand young people's emotions and emotional skills by tracking emotions on a mobile app and web assessment over 1 year.

● Promote wellbeing and prevent poor mental health.

The mental well being of teenagers is crucial for better living. Many root cause of anxiety in teens are in the way of their childhood. The learning and changing capability of brain is a sensitive part in our life. More stress and anxiety are causes of depression in people.

The readers are requested to take immediate measures to solve the problems making them anxious and to reduce stress in their life.

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