Are Ghost real or they are just in our Mind ? - Phasmophobia

Ghost or paranormal activities always have a great point of interest for us.

But simultaneously they have been a source to persistent fear in our mind.

We are not very much familiar with the paranormal thing. But there are stories where we could find the presence of ghost.

Apart from this, there are few people who have their fear a bit over stimulated in this ghost factor. They may suffer slight much amount of fear then the normal people. Such persons are Phasmophobic, they are said to suffering from Phasmophobia.

Phasmophobia is a intense fear of ghost. People having ghost phobia are over stimulated. Mere mentions of ghost or any supernatural things can be enough to evoke fear. A simple movie of a TV show might also be responsible.

All children have a fear of ghost from their young age, which genuinely disappears as they move to adolescence.

But there are some for whom the fear is consistent even after the adolescents. It may turn into a chronic disorder and a potential phobia.

People having the ghost phobia are heard to have mentioning about the fear when they are alone or may have a sense of being alone.

Sounds like the opening of the door or the tiny sounds made by the mice may turn into a proof that he/she is founded by ghost or by some supernatural spirit.

Their mind sometime creates a presence of someone who is constantly staring them or their might a sense that when they turn backward they may confront to a ghost.

In some people the sense is so dreaded that it affect the daily routine and make them unable to perform their necessary functions.

Such cases are reported where people can’t sleep and their fear turns into anxiety.

Phasmophobia are sometimes the consequences of autophobia i.e the fear of being alone. Researchers suggest that people who suffer from autophobia have the likely chances of developing the phasmophobia.

People having the ghost phobia shouldn’t be left alone at home or anywhere in the office, not even during the day time. For such persons travelling at night or staying in a hotel may result in a problematic situation.

People with such phobia are known to avoid horror movies or videos. They have the tendency of recalling all the scary scenes from the movies. The images replay in their mind and this increases their fear and anxiety.

Phasmophobic persons do develop other kinds of phobias too. Such as, some people are fearful of night time. Shadows of someone else can be a cause of someone else fears (Sciophobia)


Phasmophobia also have treatments, the treatment can be divided into two categories- therapeutic techniques and medicine.

Medicines such as antidepressants or any anti-anxiety medication can help to ease the irrational fear of ghost.

Therapeutic techniques, CBT – Cognitive behavioral therapy is a most common therapy for the phobias including the phasmophobia.

A mental health specialist tries to talk with you and find the root cause of the fear and then help to develop a coping mechanism that can be used when you sense the fear again.

The phobia is not foolish or silly things but they are real and have impact. It may harm you physical health too.

Sleeplessness often causes intense weakness and can make the person feel nauseous.

Phobias are hard to tackle, it may take time but it doesn’t means that the phobia will be persistent and can be cured with the help of a professionals.


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