Casteism- A psychological Problem

By Sourab Paul, Karimganj college, Botany dept.

“I am Sourab”
“That’s okay but I mean your name, what’s your surname?

The above questions are common whoever you meet for the first time. Anybody having minimum knowledge of the Indian society may consider this conversation is as non-sense in nature. Would it matter if we change the surname of Ricky Pointing to Ricky Clarke?

But for the society we are living in it would have a positive answer at one’s surname is of utmost importance as it indicates one’s caste membership.

The society is divided into various so called pure and impure, lower and upper, touchable and untouchables etc which are placed on hierarchical order.

In India casteism is also a agenda for politics and its one of the mostly heard agenda or subject during any political meeting on the conditions of dalits.

Politics is something high standard and casteism is the daily bread in almost every house. While marriage the casteism is given the utmost priority, and moreover even during any feast it comes into play. And sometimes even n between friends.

In this article I will try to highlight some of the problems faced by people due to the castesim.

Meaning of Casteism:

Casteism is one of the social problems which is popular in the Indian society. India is country of various religions and is divided into various caste and sub-caste. Among these certain caste are given the high status and some are given the low status.

In such society, there is every possibility for caste conflicts. It involves hatred of one caste for the other and even sometimes the higher caste people try to gain personal advantage by exploiting the members of lower caste.

In brief casteism refers to one sided loyalty in favor of a particular caste.

According to R.N Sharma “Casteism is a blind loyalty towards one’s caste or sub-caste which does not come for the interacts of other caste.”

Causes of Casteism:

Caste system increases when a particular group tends to improve the status of their own caste by even adopting the most improper way to enhance the prestige of their own caste.

Marital rules such as endogamy (Marriage within the same group) is another factor. Such rules placed on marriage bring the caste into play even more.

Communication between rural and urban areas became easy through the urbanization. The feelings of caste were also easily carried through members from rural to urban.

Impacts of caste:

The impact of caste is severe, right from the individual to the society. Some of the effects are:

  • It divides the whole society into different segments and results in conflict and sections. Which hinders the development of the nation?

  • Efficiency may not given the given the importance if appointments are based on the caste consideration. This results in hindering the technology and the industrial efficiency.

  • It popularized the practice of untouchability and becomes an obstacle in providing equality in the society and justice. It is a threat to social order and stability.

Solution to the problem of casteism:

  • Providing value based education to children from childhood.

  • Various social agencies like family, school, and mass media must be given the responsibility to provide broad and proper outlooks among the children.

  • Literary programs should be taken in the rural areas as the caste differences are more in the rural areas.

  • Provision of cultural and economic equality among different section of the society to reduces the chances of jealousy and competition.

My Opinion:

Casteism is a very dangerous issue and which may cause mental breakdown and lead to violent behavior. The generation we left behind deeply used to believe in caste system and caste equality.

But now, today with ongoing modernization the problem has to be reduced to greater extent. But even today there are some educated people and youths still believe in the caste and this is hurting.

If you are judge people based on caste then there is no point of education, whenever this question arises I pledge to myself that I will never judge any based on caste.

Now from a completely a different point, many of you may have the question why a social problem is in the science page. But now you have to realize that it is not only a social problem but also a psychological disorder. It creates a difference and divergence in thinking of youths and for some this are stimulus many mental disorders.

Since this is a page for youth and many people can read about the most trending and harming problem.

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