COVID 19:- Its adverse mental Impact

Corona virus or COVID 19 has taken a shape of pandemic in the year 2020. It is a deadly virus and had affected over more than 188 countries. Corona virus is many time more contagious than the other viruses. It could spread and multiply at a very high rate. Recently we have observed that the virus has even made a impact on our mental stability too. Not only our physical body but it had affected our mental thinking too.

Corona virus has influenced all over the world starting from the Wuhan city of China. It had affected the mental areas. People earlier were not afraid of the virus, neither of the meeting people. But now on each passing day we are observing that we had started avoiding peoples. Moreover, Fear stress and worry are normal responses to the real threats and this are maximum when we face an uncertainty or an unknown enemy like corona virus. The other added fears which came to act fearing the corona virus are the significant change in our day to day life. Our movements are restricted in the support of efforts to slowdown the spread of this virus. We all have changed our life style to some extent, facing temporary unemployment, home schooling of children and lack of physical contact.

We have seen different types of fears among different strata of society among different generation:-

Common strata of people –

Here, I m gonna say about all peoples. The fear of getting infected has changed mentality of lots. Now, more than social distancing people have somewhat started maintaining the mental distancing. If you observe all around you can see, some people had started hating others in order to avoid them. I am narrating a story that I have visualized, and may be many people have also experienced this nearby.

I went to market in order to get my medicines. I was wearing an n95 mask and gloves and was properly maintaining the social distancing norms. The shopkeeper was previously known to me. During I was purchasing my medicines another person came to the shop, he was also properly geared and was on queue. Then passing from the road a lady came near to him asking for some money. Basically she was a beggar, but she was also maintaining a distance. This shows even she is having a fear of being contaminated. But the man responded to her very rudely, it was not a social insulting rather expressing the hate. Seeing this lady went away, the shopkeeper than took a penny and asked the man to give it to her but he refused. Instead he said that he can’t do this. Then after some time two guys came to the shop, they were not wearing a proper dress. They may have come from a poor background and was unable to buy good quality clothes. Despite having the protective gears and maintaining the social distancing, those two people faced a humiliating behavior from the queue.

The above scenario is now seen in all places. WHO had advised us to maintain the social distancing but not hatred with each other. It was asked when people meet they can greet each other with “Namaste” rather than shaking hands. But now people are avoiding even the Namaste too. There in the story you might have noticed that the people who are not properly dressed are facing a humiliation. Clothes have become a deciding factor of being a COVID carrier.

The beggar or even the two boys had faced the humiliation only because they were not wearing proper gentle clothes. Now I may put forward the question to you. Is it called maintaining the social distancing or is it humiliating others?

I personally request everyone reading this to maintain the social distancing and wear the mask as well as the gloves to prevent the spread of the virus. But simultaneously I m requesting all, please don’t make any partiality among different classes of people. We have to keep this in notice that in order to cure the corona virus we shouldn’t plant the disease of hatred in our mind. Maintaining social distancing is very much important in today’s situation but it is about social distancing not the mental distancing.

Secondly, among the old age peoples:-

The people who are aged and crossed the line of 60 years are facing a different kind of fear. THE FEAR OF DEATH. It has been seen that most of the people have developed a fear of death. They although are more prone to corona due to the weakening of the immune system but they shouldn’t have the fear of death in their mind. This is making them frustrated and very anxious that could hamper their health.

Third is among the students:-

All our works and academic involvement is in a pause for a unknown number of days. But we shouldn’t top ourselves. The time can be utilized in developing various skills and learning and gaining other knowledge. It is the time when we can revive our hobbies, passion. Now we have to give time to ourselves to develop and prepare ourselves to fight with the diseases.

NOTE: Please be aware of the disease it can harm you. But it will not stop only to you, it can harm others without knowing. You may get infected but at the very fast you will be infecting you own family. Follow the rules and norms published by the World Health Organization (WHO). Do respect the corona Warriors who are risking their lives to keep us safe. Wear a face mask always. Stay safe, Stay healthy.

Let’s share the article as much as we can. Let’s spread the awareness not the hatred.

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********Maintain Social Distancing********

********Wear Face mask**********

*****After reading the article you may not find any direct link of it with Science. But even this is related to psychological problems and may result in depression for some. Without our mental stability there is no possible way towards the development with science.*****


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