Do Parallel Universe really exist?

Parallel universe is said to a planet where time goes backward but both the planets are formed in the same big-bang. The geographical dimensions are same both in the earth and the parallel earth. There is a story or can be called as a incident took place years ago in this earth which tried make us believe about the existence of parallel universe.

The incident took place in July of 1954 are Haneda, Tokyo Airport. A man landed at Haneda airport. The man belonged to Caucasian race with beards. When his passport was checked by the officers at airport, they noticed a strange thing. The passport said a name of a country Taured from where he belonged. He was asked several questions and every time he confidently claimed that he belongs to Taured. Even the man tried to locate his country on the map. But he was too shocked to not find his country on the map. He located the location to be in somewhere between France and Spain. He located in the European territory which was named as Andorra in the map. There was agreement carried out between the officials and the man both refusing to give in. The man was arrested on assumptions possibly he could be a criminal. The man was kept in a nearby hotel and all his documents were seized. On the other day the officials went to check into his room and were surprised to found that the man vanished. But there were no signs of escape from the room. When the officials checked for the documents those were seized, it was more shocking to see that the man disappeared along with his documents which were kept secure within the officials. Since all the documents were gone there is no hard prove to proof the incident.

There are conspiracy theories that claimed that this could be a case of inter-dimension travel. The man could have travelled from parallel dimensions by accident, which landed him in a different planet. According to the theory the there exist a parallel universe where life exist with same geographical dimensions. The man could have been from a parallel earth where his country Taured exists.

Another theory claims that this could be a case of time travel, and would have travelled to different time accidentally.

The above mentioned story is popular among the physicist and scientist. The incident “Where the man came from and where he disappeared” still remains a big mystery.

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