Do you know a MAGNET can stop a bullet train? Without physical contact with the wheels.

A bullet train traveling at a speed of 320km/h is stopped using electromagnets.

That’s interesting right? But how this is made possible?.

We could even use the traditional method to apply the brakes, but the main problem for this case will be the train may catch fire and burst.

We would never want our train to burst. The traditional method of applying uses a brake pad to stop the rotation of the wheels. Since the wheels as well as the brake pads both are made up of metal, so there a possible chances to heat up and get fire on the train. Since the rotation is very fast. It causes a high amount of friction while applying brakes. The pads may catch fire and end up bursting our train.

But this problem is solved by the concept of electromagnetic induction.

Below the trains, parallel to the lines there are placed several strong electromagnets that are connected to the braking system to the trains. Whenever the braking system is turned on, the electromagnets are powered up and a huge amount of current starts flowing through the coiled wire.

The magnetic flux produced passes through the metallic lines. Since the flux is changing continuously at high speed with the train. The changing flux produces an induced emf in the lines. The induced emf tends to oppose the movement that causes it. The induced emf in the lines tries to oppose the cause of the production of the emf. The emf is producing due to the change in flux of the electromagnets that are placed below the train.

This tendency of the induced emf tries to oppose the movement of the train to reduce the change in flux.

Thus an electromagnet help in stopping a train traveling at a speed of 320km/h with even the physical contact with the wheels.

Here our electromagnetic induction plays an important role in saving our train from fire.

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