Do you know who is the heaviest man on earth? - Ussain Bolt

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You all may know that the fastest man on the earth is Ussain Bolt. Did you know that according to the physics he is the heaviest man on earth? The physics behind this was put forward by the Great scientist sir Albert Einstein. He used his famous equation of mass-energy equivalence to prove this. In physics mass is a simple stored energy that corresponds to the rest mass. But from the view point of theory of relativity, gravitational mass is equal to the inertial mass. But when we speak in the context of accelerating body the inertial mass increases with the increasing velocity. The equation and mass and energy make it easier for us to understand why we can’t reach the speed of light. At a speed of light the particle mass goes to infinity. Since speed of light contributes to the kinetic energy, at infinite speed of light the kinetic is also infinite. Hence the particle mass also reaches to infinity.

The energy and mass relation although it seems to be inversely proportional but we put the relativistic mass into play we can say that the inertial mass is directly proportional. A consequences of mass energy relation is that if a body is stationary it do have a intrinsic energy but when we talk about accelerating body we can say that the total energy is more than the rest mass energy and to contribute to the extra energy we put forward the relation of relativistic energy.

Hence from the equation we can conclude that as the velocity increases the mass also increase. So, Ussain Bolt being the fastest man on earth has the equivalent inertial corresponding to his speed.

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