Gas leaks :- Impacts on environment

In the year 2020, We already have faced many unintended calamities starting from the pandemic to storms like Amphan all throughout the west and Orissa. Maharashtra have faced the super cyclone Nisarga intensifying in the Arabian sea. Moreover we have visualized many earthquake throughout.

We have even visualized many gas leaks this year. Among the one is recently the Baghjan Gas Leak in Assam.

We will be discussing about the gas leak. Gas leaks refers to leak of natural gases or other gases unintentionally. Gas leaks are often hazardous to health and atmosphere. Leak of natural gases are harmful due to their global warming potential and ozone depletion.

Pure natural gas is colorless and odorless and are primarily composed of methane. Some traces of mercaptans are used to identify the leaks. Anybody who can detect the odor should immediately take process to evacuate the area and abstain from using flames or fire openly.

Gas leaks often harm the vegetation

Gas leaks damages or even can kill the plants. Methane and other gases that flow out through the vegetation landfill can cause Chlorosis and Necrosis in grass, weeds or small herbs and tress in the area. Oil spills are harmful for vegetation and other aquatic bodies. We know oils are mostly formed of hydrocarbon. Hydrocarbons are compound of carbon and hydrogen. Hydrocarbons reduce plants transpiration rates. Cell injury may be principal cause of photosynthesis inhibition because Hydrocarbon get stored in the chloroplast which undoubtedly explain the reduced level of chlorophyll in the plants.

Gas leaks harms the Animals

Methane is an asphyxiant gas which can reduce the normal oxygen concentration available for breathing. Small animals and birds find difficulty to breathe in such condition. Aquatic lives are hardly affected if the oil leak somehow touches or reaches any water body. About one third of hydrogen are aromatic including four and higher member rings (PAH). With continued oil productions and such leak the concentration of hydrocarbon in water and sediments in highly trafficked water will keep on increasing. Among Aquatic animals the oviparous animals may accumulate by direct exposure or via tropic transport. The surface organisms are mostly affected by the oil spills. And the inter-tidal PH can affect many spawning fish.

Greenhouse gas emission

The major constituent of natural gas is methane. Methane is up to 120 times as potent as other greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide. The unburned natural gases produce more and stronger affect than the other Greenhouse gases.

The gas leak are now a days most frequently heard all over the world. No doubt for a developing country like India Oil plays a important role in maintaining the Indian economy. To keep towards the advancement it is very necessary to use the gifts from the earth. But we shouldn’t forget that the earth has its own limits. We are ought to move forward but without harming the ecosystem that is providing us the conditions to survive. We are dependent on each other for our survival. We have to develop modern technology and new areas of development. Simultaneously, we have to keep in mind that the earth has to survive for more billions of years, then only we are eligible to survive. Destroying the natural environment will lead us to nowhere.

Disasters in the year 2020 :-

  • January: Covid 19 outbreak

  • 7th May: Visakhapatanam gas leak

  • 8th May: Aurangabad railyway accident

  • 16th May: Cyclone amphan

  • 23rd May: Uttarakhand forest fire

  • 27th May: Assam gas and oil leak

  • 1st June: Cyclone Nisarga

  • 3rd June: Gujrat Chemical plant explosion

  • 9th June: Assam oil leak explosion

And may be there are yet more to come

Stand and support the people suffering.

Stand with the people of Bhagjan(Assam gas and oil leak)


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