Myths and facts : Menstruation

Article by sourab Paul (Karimganj College, Silchar, Botany dept)

Menstruation or Periods- a term which is natural but is looked up as sinful or as a shameful term in society.

Menstruation needs to be understood by each and every people as it is not anything impractical or it is not a crime. Forget about the normal people even the teachers of most schools are ashamed to teach about it and they skip the topic. It is something that should be explained as it has many health issues and may cause complications.

Menstruation is a normal process that occurs to all women from puberty till menopause. During these days the women loses blood. Every month a ovum is produced in the female. If the ovum is not fertilized then it is discharged out of the body along with the blood.

Why bleeding?

The endometrium lining prepare itself to receive a fertilized a egg every month. If the egg is not fertilized then the lining ruptures and it leads to bleeding.

In our society there are lots of saying about the menstrual bleeding, so there is a need to justify weather they are myths or facts

  • Menstrual blood is not a blood- Fact

Menstrual blood consists of blood as well as extra tissue from the uterine lining. It may also contain the remnants of egg.

  • Soaking through a pad- a sign of prolonged bleeding.- Myth

It is common to soak through pad. In most cases it means to switch from a regular to more absorbent or super pad. It may seem like the women is losing a lots of blood. But on a average women loses about 2-3 tablespoons during the whole periods.

  • Heavy bleeding happens to women who have given birth- Myth

Menorrhagia is usually the result of hormonal imbalance that causes anovulatory cycles (menstrual cycle with ovulation). If an egg is not released during typical ovulation stage, their won't be enough progesterone in the body to keep cycle regular and hence cause heavy bleeding. Adolescent girls (who recently started menstruating) and women who approaches menopause have more risk of menorrhagia.

  • Women and girls who live together may get their menstruation together.- fact

The scientific theory supporting the fact that, living together causes menstrual synchrony remains unclear. The concept arose in 1971 when psychologist Martha McClintock of University of Chicago published a paper that women body reacts to pheromones of other women and it causes synchronization of menstruation. However other scientists tested the theory and the result remain divided.

  • Women shouldn't exercise during periods- myth.

Unless there is severe cramping or excessive blood flow there is no reason to refrain from exercise. Period is normal function of body and not handicap. Many health experts recommend exercise during menstruation as it help to reduce cramping as aerobic activities like jogging produce chemical that help blocking pain.

  • Heavy menstrual bleeding is no cause for concern- myth

Heavy menstrual bleeding is certainly a cause of concern as it can lead to complications like iron deficiency anemia or severely painful menstrual cramp (dysmenorrheal).

Note - Menstruation is full of myth and facts. One must be extremely careful and know which one is a myth and which a fact. They must give utmost care to the facts to lead a healthy life.

Everyone should be aware that it is not a thing to ashamed off but a thing to be taken care of.

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