Over-thinking: A Teenage Problem

Thinking about something in an endless loop is – exhausting.

We all have at some point of life had suffered the disorder of over thinking.

And although it is not a disease but it gave rise to a very harmful mental illness that is depression.

Overthinking is a habit of continuous thinking about something in a endless loop. Chronic over-thinkers spend most o their time ruminating which increases pressure on them. A psychologist Catherine Pittman, an associate professor in the psychology department at Saint Mary’s college in Notre Dame, Indiana says, “there are people who have levels of over-thinking are just pathological”.

We have noticed that in today’s teens that the disorder of over-thinking is taking an adverse shape causing huge mental pressure and anxiety to the teens.

The anxious and frustrated behavior of many young adults is directly linked to the disorder of over-thinking.

Overthinking disorder does not exist. There is much different kind of anxiety disorders where an individual engages in over-thinking. When we cannot stop obsessing over thing it can interfere with the quality of the life.

The worst part of over-thinking is endlessly deliberating when making an decision and then questioning the decision. It leads to a problem of trying to predict the future. There are two questions which dominate in the mind of a over-thinkers is “what ifs” and “should”.

The mind feels like a invisible jury is sitting in a mind and they are judging on their lives. The over-thinking harms the sleep cycle, the person can’t sleep properly and the worrying kept them awake. “Ruminators go over events, asking a bi question: Why did that happen? What does it mean?” says Susan Nolen-Hoeksema, the chair of department of psychology at Yale University. Overthinking is a habit, it becomes a loop. People confuse over-thinking with solving problems but at the end we are just in a loop. It is not problem solving.

Overthinking is destructive to mind. It looks like you are stuck in a place and only allowed to walk in endless circles. David Carbonell a clinical psychologist says “We feel vulnerable about the future, we keep trying to solve problems in our head”.

Excessive over-thinking take the control over your life, the devil mind starts working. It nulls the capacity of our active participation.

In many cases it have been seen that the person who are a over-thinker have their immune system suppressed and many of them have the coronary problems. The thinkers forget to live in the present and waste their time dwelling the past.

How can we stop over-thinking?

Overthinking is habit and it can be broken. The brain can be trained to overcome the situations of over-thinking. There are ways to treat the bad habit.-

  • Try visiting a counselor. They have professional methods to treat and change the way you thinking.

  • Take some time and spend it with the closest ones. Watch your favorite shows and try laughing

  • The failure you are feared, ask yourself why do you fear this? Try finding out that do you fear guilt, failure or something else?

  • Write down the problems and try sorting form the least important ones. Start solving in a bounded time and soon you will move to higher.

  • To overcome over-thinking Pittman asks to replace thoughts.

  • Bruce Hubbard, the director of cognitive health group and adjunct assistant professor of psychology and education at Colombia university says, “You can cultivate little psychological distance by generating other interpretation of the situation, which makes your negative thought less believable

If you are an over-thinker and over-thinking is ruining your life then it is the time to stop over-thinking and start avoiding the reason of the loop. And most importantly if you think you have been spiraling into thoughts that causing you depression then it is of no harm in paying professionals to get a psychological help.

Despite of being a science page i am posting this article here because most of students are sufferer of over-thinking and that is causing mild state of depression in their mind. The fear of failure is overcoming the joy of winning.

Efforts are small but the consequence are large.

Overthinking is a serious issue and it should be stopped for a healthy life.

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