Particle that are expected to be faster than light

For years we kept our belief that nothing can travel faster than light and actually light particle (the photons) are the fastest accelerating particles. But at the same time we were unaware of a hypothetical particle name "#Tachyon" which can travel faster than light. On pointing towards the theory of

relativity laid by Sir Albert Einstein, there he mentioned that nothing accelerate faster than light.

Tachyon is a particle widely accepted in modern physics. The mass field of the particle considered to be imaginary. Such particles that travel faster than the light particle can violate all the laws of physics. Earlier the particle is considered to be a meta-particle but Gerald Finberg named it as tachyon in 1967. Most physicist belief that such particles do not exist but if and only if they exist they can be used to make tachyonic anti-telephone and would be able to send signals faster than light. But doing such will lead to violating the laws of nature.

There could be many curious effect caused due to tachyonic particles but one most curious effect that violate the rules of nature is unlike other particles the speed of tachyonic particles increases on decreasing its energy. That is the speed is inversely proportional to the energy. When the speed reaches infinity the energy approaches to zero and vice versa.

Travelling backward in time is always a subject of curiosity for many scientists but it was expected that if tachyonic particles exist they can used to travel back to time. At high speed tachyons radiate in form of Cherenkov radiation (Electromagnetic radiation emitted when charged particles passes through dielectric medium at a speed greater than group velocity in that medium).

The description provided by the theory of relativity is that a tachyonic particle would have space like four momentums in contrast to ordinary particles. In some modern formulation the mass considered to be real.

All the theory of tachyonic particle is hypothetical but such particles travelling faster than light was once observed in CERN in their LHC.


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