The Bermuda Triangle: Mysterious sea at our backdoor-Revealed

The Bermuda Triangle also is known as the devil's triangle or the hurricane Alley in the North Atlantic ocean. Many aircraft and ships have been reported to be disappeared mysteriously.

The very old and the popular culture reasoned to be the cause of disappearances are paranormal activity or any activity of any extraterrestrial beings. The first news of disappearance was on 17th September 1950. It was published in Miami herald by Edward van winkle Jones. After two years another article was published as “Sea mystery at our back door” by George sand. There he reported about the lost incident of Flight19.

The flight leader was heard saying ‘ we are entering white water and nothing seems right. We don't know where wee and the water is white, no white. Many other writers wrote about the incidents in that triangular area. Vincent Gaddis described the mysterious incident in his article "The Deadly Bermuda Triangle" and also in his book "Invisible horizons". Later Lary Kusche, author of the Bermuda triangle mystery solved. He did investigated the cases of the Bermuda triangle disappearance and did his research on the cases and reported that the writing of Gaddis and other subsequent writers were exaggerated and unverifiable. He came up to a case of the disappearance of the round the world yachtsman Donald Crowhurst was not recorded. Well, other writers wrote it as a mystery.

Kushe Concluded:

1. Disappearance in the area where cyclones are frequently occurring is were neither unlikely nor mysterious.

2. The writer who claimed all the incident as the mystery didn't mention about the storms and represented the disappearance taking place in calm conditions, while meteorological records show storms to be in that area.

3. There were few disappearances recorded that never happened.


There were explanations stated as paranormal activities like having supernatural concepts associated with the events. There was an explanation put forwarded that describes the incident occurring due to an old leftover technology from a mythical lost continent of Atlantis. Few other theories are also connected like the event of UFOs and losses in the triangle to anomalous forces

Few natural explanations were put forwarded:

1. Methane Hydrates: some explanation points out towards the disappearance due to the Methane Hydrates on the continental shelves. Experiments proved that the bubbles can sink a ship by decreasing the density of water. The methane hydrates could because of the mud volcanoes which make the water frothy and inadequate for the buoyancy.

2. Gulf stream: The gulf stream is a major current occurring at the gulf of Mexico and flowing through the straits of Florida into the North Atlantic. It is a river within an ocean. It has a maximum surface velocity of 2m/s.

3. Compass variations: Many mysteries within the triangle revolve around the compass problems. Some unusual anomalies are also reported in the magnetic compass due to an external magnetic field. But no such thing has been proven. There are variations in magnetic relations to magnetic poles. But for some places magnetic and geographic north are the same. But people may not know about it and think it as a mystery.

At the conclusion there are many possible reasons for the mystery in the Bermuda triangle and non can be said wrong or right without proof. There are many case histories reported related to the Bermuda triangle.

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