The God's Particle: Explanation behind formation of universe.

The god particles are the major ingredient which is responsible for giving particle their masses. The god particle is the nickname of the Higgs Boson. It is the elementary particle in the standard model of particle physics. It is named after the physicist Peter Higgs. In 1964 along with other five scientists he proposed the Higgs mechanism.

The standard model of particle physics could explain properties of the force between elementary particles. The standard model could explain almost everything in physics known in the universe other than gravity. In 1962 and 1963 group of researchers published papers with similar conclusion for all cases. They explained the conditions of electroweak symmetry could be broken if a unusual type of field existed in the universe and indeed some of the fundamental particle would acquire mass. The field is later known as the Higgs Field.

God particle nearly explains all the phenomenon of how scientist believes the universe to be formed. It is the physical proof of an invisible universe-wide field that gives mass to all matter right after the big bang. It forced particles to coalesce particles into stars and planet and all other thing in the universe. If the Higgs field and the god particles did not existed then the widely accepted standard model of physics would have been proven wrong. Hence no Higgs, no mass, no you, no me, no anything else.

Despite of giving reasons to the universe this particle could have been destroyed the cosmos shortly and universe could have collapsed right after the big bang. But the gravity might have kept this from happening

The experiment that detected Higgs boson revealed had a mass of 125 billion electron volt and 130 times mass of proton. But the point of mystery is that mass the Higgs boson should have destroyed the universe just after the big bang. Higgs particle attract each other at high energies. At high energies. And after the big bang there was enough energy for Higgs boson to attract each other. This could have let the universe collapse rather than expanding. But now according to Rajantie and his colleagues revealed the interaction between gravity and Higgs play a major role in the early universe

However Stephen Hawkins says that god particle could wipe out the universe. He points towards the theory of Higgs boson doomsday, a quantum fluctuation creates a bubble that expands through space and wipe out universe. Joseph Lykken, a theoretical physics said at his lecture “most likely it will take 10 to 100 years for this to happen, so you shouldn’t sell your house and you should continue to pay taxes. On the other hand it may already happen and bubble might be on it way here and you won’t know because it may be travelling at a speed of light and there is not going to be any warning.

The idea of super symmetry in standard model is that every particle has its own anti-particle. The theory of super symmetry suggests every particle also has a super symmetry suggest ever particle also has a super symmetric partner particle. The existence of other particle would have stabilized the universe.

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