Why meditation causes you to happy?

An article by Apurva koch (admin of facebook page More Directions)

Neuroscientists show that maintaining a uniform meditation practice results in a thickening during a few major areas of the brain, which successively increases our ability to deal with uncomfortable and difficult situations and stressful occurrences that life throws at us.

If consistent with the happiness set-point theory, we're naturally more predisposed to being overly worried or stressed, meditating on the reg can quiet those overactive areas of our brain, and thicken the areas liable for joy and pleasure.

Engaging in daily meditation practice, whether it's for a fast five minutes within the morning or a lengthier hour within the evening, does incredible things for the human mind, like relieving built-up anxiety, quieting mental chatter, improving focus, and increasing self-esteem and feelings of confidence.

According to Psychology Today, meditation is that the strongest mental practice that has the facility to reset your happiness point, thus turning you into a more joyful person and literally rewiring major areas in your brain.

According to MindBodyGreen, Lazar's studies also show that meditation shrinks the portion of our brain called the "amygdala." this is often the section of our mind which controls fearfulness and anxiety, therefore the smaller that bad boy is, the happier we'll be as an entire.

Yet another study reveals a survey on 30 medical students to live their cortisol levels before meditation.

Cortisol is that the hormone in your body liable for stress, and an excessive amount of it can cause sleep trouble, anxiety, and mood swings (AKA way less happiness, friends).

Well, the study revealed that after just four days of mindful meditation, the students' cortisol levels decreased significantly.

What we've learned:

Meditation has the facility to instill a deep sense of calm and serenity within the innermost a part of your being (and brain). With daily practice, it doesn't even matter if we believe the happiness point or not

. we'll be ready to communicate better in our relationships, better deal with the tricky curveballs life throws our way, and have a deeper sense of self-worth and understanding of our thoughts and tendencies.

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